Horse Training

Do more of what you have a horse for.

Classes for the class clown.


We’ve all heard the saying: “You tell a gelding, ask a mare and discuss it with a stallion.” But every horse is unique and Shelly understands their different needs and the different situations that arise in the course of training. From starting a colt to finishing a competitive trail partner and everything in between, the guidance of an experienced trainer, a trainer that is approachable and focused on your horse, will make a world of difference in the training and the results.



Picking up feet and standing for the vet and farrier

Tying and cross tying, Standing still

Loading and unloading from the trailer

Standing for tacking up and mounting

Walk, trot and canter/lope, Sidepassing

Lead changes


Serving the Lake City, Ft White, High Springs, Alachua, Branford areas.

From your first ride, to your first trail ride, to your first obstacle course, to your first buckle. Shelly is a dedicated professional. She will help you do more of whatever you wanted to share your life with a horse for. Are you ready?